A Flexible Degree Program

Michelle Jamrisko
Master of Arts in Global Policy 

Prior to attending Johns Hopkins SAIS, Michelle had been searching for a program that would allow her to expand her global policy expertise while continuing her current full-time work as an Economy Reporter in the Washington, DC bureau of Bloomberg News. She had already had her eye on Johns Hopkins SAIS in part because it was all the talk among her foreign press colleagues in Washington, DC several years ago. The Global Policy Program (GPP) ended up being the perfect fit at the perfect time because of its great reputation and accessible location.

While the program is a lot of work, Michelle said that it’s been manageable so that she feels she’s earning a valuable education without the classes and homework becoming too overwhelming. The part-time, alternating weekend schedule of the program has also been convenient in allowing her to continue working while pursuing her graduate studies.

Michelle’s favorite class assignment was her first “residency” where she worked in a small group over a couple days to draft a fresh US nuclear policy. It was a tall order but visits from current State Department officials and advanced guidance from other experts in the field made the exercise all the more valuable. Michelle’s diverse group of teammates made the exercise enriching and enjoyable.

Upon graduating from GPP, Michelle is confident that she will have the foundation to open up more opportunities and to be a greater asset to her company as she tries to take full advantage of global resources. She is also thrilled to have a connection to the rich network of more than 18,000 Johns Hopkins SAIS alumni.