Getting In-Depth on Human Rights

Nikhil Gupta
Master of Arts ’17
International Law and Organizations
First Year: SAIS Europe

Nikhil chose to spend the first year of his graduate experience at the SAIS Europe campus in Bologna, Italy. This undoubtedly enhanced his SAIS experience as the intimacy of the campus allowed him to engage with peers, professors, and administrators in ways he didn’t think were possible. The hands-on simulations, dynamic classes and constant debates made him feel challenged, yet respected which is exactly what Nikhil was looking for in a graduate school. His perspectives and community have widened immensely, all thanks to SAIS Europe!

Nikhil recently conducted research in the Dominican Republic and Haiti with the International Law and Organizations program as part of the SAIS Human Rights Clinic; a year-long practicum in which students design and conduct a fact-finding mission, and then publish a report, on a major human rights challenge in the international community. This year, they focused on Haitian migrants, Dominicans of Haitian descent and the refugee crisis along the Dominican-Haitian border. 

Although Nikhil’s post-grad plans aren’t concrete yet, he is currently considering two different paths. He plans to either work on economic development programs in South or Southeast Asia or move to a growing US city to work on urban transportation and housing. It may be clichéd but Johns Hopkins SAIS has unlocked so many new interests for Nikhil, that he faces a hard choice!