Diverse Discussions on Current Affairs

Sebastian Herrador
Master of Arts in International Economics and Finance ’16
Home Country: Mexico

Sebastian applied to Johns Hopkins SAIS because it was the only graduate program to give him the option of studying with high-level faculty with regards to his area of interest, international finance. He also valued the experience of living in Washington DC, the epicenter of policy making and one of the most attractive cities to start a career in his chosen field.

One of Sebastian’s favorite events at the school was initiated by Kelley Cornell, the MIEF program coordinator, who arranged a series of discussions called ‘The Current Affaires.” Over a number of lunches three to four students from the MIEF program had the opportunity to present and talk about what they thought were the most important issues happening around the world. Sebastian considered this a great opportunity for him to understand different perspectives about the critical issues of today. In particular, he was grateful to be part of a very diverse pool of students with regards to their various international backgrounds.

Currently, Sebastian is pursuing a career as a consultant for the World Bank. He feels this international institution provides the perfect opportunity to conduct economic research that can lead to policy making.