A Focus on the Global Economy

Crystal Styron
Master of Arts, ’17
International Political Economy and International Economics

Crystal, a rising 2nd year student, chose to attend Johns Hopkins SAIS because of its strong focus on economics – according to her, in today’s world, the concept of political power is becoming synonymous with economic might so it is increasingly important to know how the global economy runs. Furthermore, Crystal felt that Washington, DC was the best place to study these topics.

The professors that Crystal has encountered so far have not only been knowledgeable in their fields, but also eager and excited to teach what they have learned to their students. Crystal has also enjoyed exploring the many possible career paths provided in Washington, DC. There are countless private firms eager to hire alumni in areas from consulting to banking and investment to everything in between, and Washington, DC is also the place to be for public sector jobs whether in the US government or in international or multilateral organizations. Crystal is excited to explore these different career paths during her time here!

This summer, Crystal is interning full-time at the Center for Strategic and International Studies and also taking a course in statistics at Johns Hopkins SAIS.