Fostering Connections at SAIS Europe

Maddalena Perretti
Master of Arts ’17
European and Eurasian Studies
First Year: SAIS Europe
Home Country: Italy

During her undergraduate studies in economics at the University of Bologna, Maddalena often attended public conferences and lectures organized by the Bologna Institute for Policy Research (BIPR) at SAIS Europe. BIPR events allowed her to explore the many connections between economic theory and policy issues and to learn about Johns Hopkins SAIS as an academic institution. When she decided to apply for a graduate program, she knew that the multidisciplinary nature of a degree from the school would be a perfect fit for her.

At SAIS Europe, Maddalena worked as a research assistant for BIPR. She had the opportunity to interview scholars and politicians for the Institute’s website, and to contribute to the organization of the same seminar series that had first brought her to the school. Maddalena was also involved in the SAIS Migration Security Initiative, through which she and her fellow students and faculty have connected with civil society organizations assisting refugees in Italy. Together with other Italian students at the school she was happy to foster more connections between SAIS Europe and the local community.

This summer Maddalena interned in the Financial Stability and Macroprudential Policy Department of the Bank of Slovenia. The internship was the perfect complement to her academic work in European and Eurasian Studies and economics. During her second year at the school’s campus in Washington, DC, she plans to take advantage of the incredible course selections and the wealth of conferences and events in the city to further her knowledge of European politics and policy as seen from the outside.