Connecting Students with Industry Perspectives in Consulting

Wings Qi
Master of Arts, ’17
Energy, Resources and Environment 
Home Country: China

Wings chose to attend Johns Hopkins SAIS for three main reasons: the school’s focus on international economics as fundamental to the study of international relations aligned to her interests; the central location of the campus, near the Brookings Institution, the IMF, World Bank, and other institutions that make Johns Hopkins SAIS perfect for people who want to pursue a career in multilateral organizations, think tanks, or diplomacy. Finally, Wings felt that Johns Hopkins SAIS alumni are among the most approachable, helpful, and friendly people she has ever met.

At Johns Hopkins SAIS, Wings is the president of the Consulting Club. One of her goals is to broaden the horizon of the club by providing students with industry perspectives from a variety of areas including Management, Federal, Political Risk, Economics, and Development. This year, the club has organized career treks to visit consulting firms in New York City and Washington, DC. Wings has also continued the partnership between the club and McKinsey, organized happy hours to connect Johns Hopkins SAIS students with consulting practitioners, and conducted case prep workshops for fellow students. Every October, the club hosts an internship panel to give first-year students insights into the application process and the consulting experience.

Wings is currently working for an energy and infrastructure financing firm that focuses on structured financing advising for renewables. She enjoys this work and hopes to continue in the same field post-graduation.