A Worldwide Education

Max Stadler
Master of Arts, ’17
Energy, Resources and Environment (ERE)
Home Country: Germany

After studying abroad for a year at Texas A&M University as an undergraduate student, Max realized that he loved the US classroom experience and decided to attend a US graduate school. He had known about Johns Hopkins SAIS since his teenage years in Budapest as his best friend’s parents were both graduates of the institution. They told Max amazing stories about the school and how enriching and valuable their graduate experience had been in shaping their lives for decades. With a global network of more than 18,000 helpful alumni, Max can continue making valuable connections like these during his studies and in his career!

Max spent his first year at the SAIS Europe campus in Bologna. He especially enjoyed working as the Treasurer for the Student Government Association because the opportunities for involvement were endless and it was extremely satisfying to get positive feedback from students. The transition to DC has been great, with Max once again running for a position in the SGA and currently serving as the Vice President.

Post-graduation, Max hopes to pursue two possible career paths based on his concentrations in Energy, Resources and the Environment and International Finance; electric mobility or consulting. He is extremely passionate about electric vehicles (EVs) and would love to work in a company or organization advancing the spread of EVs. On the other hand, Max would also love to work in consulting to gain exposure to different types of projects and clients.