A Global Education

Chloe Colbert
MA ’17
Conflict Management 
First Year: SAIS Europe 

Chloe was drawn to Johns Hopkins SAIS not only for its historic location among its embassy neighbors, but for its strong academic rigor in international affairs and economics, its reputable group of practitioner professors, the opportunity to attend cutting-edge lectures, conferences, trainings and field trips around the world, and its diverse, international student body.

Studying at Johns Hopkins SAIS has been the most challenging experience for Chloe so far, but because of that, it has been the most fulfilling experience in her life. Having studied at both SAIS Europe and the school’s Washington, DC campus, Chloe is blessed to have been part of the community at both campuses as well as learn from experts in their fields from around the world. She never goes one day at the school without being amazed by a classmate, professor or alum because of what they have done or what they are doing in the world. Johns Hopkins SAIS is a “one-of-a-kind” experience.

Chloe is currently on the executive board of the Conflict Management club, where she helps organize events as well as support the efforts in organizing the annual conference in April. This year, the Conflict Management Club and the Russia-Eurasia Club will co-host a conference about the aggressive conflict brewing over the Arctic region.

In addition, Chloe will travel with twenty students and two professors on the conflict management field trip to Kiev, Ukraine during Spring break, where she will study the ongoing conflict in the area and the women’s narrative in Ukraine.

After graduation, Chloe hopes to join the ranks of fellow SAISers in the world of political risk consulting or development consulting. She also wants to pursue a career that specializes in post-conflict reconstruction, refugee issues, gender issues and the Middle East and Northern African region.