A Focus on Humanitarian Assistance

Kamal Chakaroun
MA ’17
International Political Economy / Conflict Management
First year: SAIS Europe
Recipient of the Bologna Class of 1983 LEAD Fellowship

The combination of international relations and economics in a Master of Arts program was the main reason Kamal decided to study at Johns Hopkins SAIS. Besides being one of the top ranking schools in this field, the school presents a wide range of courses covering different subjects from political economy to conflict management and international development, in addition to a great language program.

Before joining Johns Hopkins SAIS, Kamal worked with Medecins Sans Frontieres (Doctors Without Borders) as a deputy finance coordinator in Central African Republic, and as field administrator in Niger. This experience made him determined to pursue a graduate degree in international relations, and learn about the political economy of development and conflict management. Support from the Fund for SAIS and the Bologna Class of 1983 LEAD Fellowship helped make Kamal’s goals a reality.

He chose to spend his first year at SAIS Europe in Bologna, which provided a great opportunity to explore European and transatlantic policy making. Kamal had the chance to participate in the conflict management career trek to Geneva in 2015 and to New York in 2017, where he met with different organizations and learned about their work and recruitment processes.

After graduating, Kamal would like to go back to the field and develop his experience in humanitarian work, building on the invaluable knowledge he acquired throughout his time at the school.