Building a Career in Washington, DC: A Hub for Young Professionals

Jasmine Lopez
MA ‘18
Latin American Studies
Charles B. Rangel Fellow

While Jasmine had professional and academic experience in international relations prior to attending Johns Hopkins SAIS, she realized she lacked the necessary quantitative skill set to meet the demands of the changing field of diplomacy. She chose to apply to the school because she knew it would allow her to become a versatile diplomat, but also would equip her with the skills and professional network to be successful in the private sector.

Prior to graduate school, Jasmine served as a summer legislative fellow on Capitol Hill at the office of Congressman Charles B. Rangel where she worked on security and development issues pertaining to U.S.-Caribbean relations. Before her time on the Hill, she worked at the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) and assisted President Barack Obama’s Task Force on Puerto Rico at the height of the Puerto Rican debt crisis, which involved organizing the USDA’s agricultural outreach trips to the island.

This year, Jasmine is looking forward to engaging with the professional network at the school during events on campus and around the city. She hopes to foster relations with professionals in diplomacy, defense, and private sector companies to compliment the education she receives in the classroom.

As a Charles B. Rangel Fellow, Jasmine has the distinct honor and privilege of joining the U.S. Foreign Service after graduation. She hopes to put her graduate degree to work as a diplomat in Latin America and East Asia and cannot wait to serve her country.