International Development in Southeast Asia

Chris Blood
MA ’18
International Development

Chris’ decision to apply to Johns Hopkins SAIS was shaped by an email exchange with a professor from the Southeast Asia Studies program. The two discussed Myanmar, the country Chris was working in at the time, and its future trajectory. The fact that a faculty member responded to him so quickly and gave him positive feedback about his potential application was extremely encouraging.

Prior to attending Johns Hopkins SAIS, Chris was working for an English Language Services and Capacity Building Organization which operated in Yangon, Myanmar. He helped build the company from a small start-up to one that had a variety of contracts with government ministries and private companies.

Outside the classroom, Chris has enjoyed the activities of the Thai and Southeast Asia Clubs. This past summer, Chris returned to Myanmar where he worked with the Asia Foundation on regional and local government reform. After graduation he plans to continue to work with the Asia Foundation or a similar organization. Myanmar is slowly emerging from over half a century of military dictatorship and he would like to play a part in the capacity development of local governments.