Gaining Perspective on Security and Migration in Greece

Konstantinos Koutsantonis
MA ’18
European and Eurasian Studies

Konstantinos applied to Johns Hopkins SAIS because of its reputation for being a globally well-known school. The opportunity it offered–to study in two different countries and become part of an extremely diverse community–made it his target university even during his undergraduate years.

Prior to his graduate studies, Konstantinos studied International and European Studies, and he interned with various organizations in both the public and private sectors. He managed a project on internal and external terrorism in Greece in cooperation with the Center for Security Studies, which is run by a small team of high-ranking police officers assigned by the Greek Ministry of Citizen Protection. He also worked with the Press Office and Communications Department of the Greek Embassy in London.

At Johns Hopkins SAIS, Konstantinos coordinated the Global Security and Conflict Management Club’s study trip to Athens and Lesvos in Greece, where SAIS Europe students had the opportunity to study the migration crisis, meet with multiple NGOs and the Greek Coast Guard, as well as visit the Kara Tepe Hospitality Center for Refugees and Migrants in Lesvos, Greece. During the summer, Konstantinos also served on the administration of a refugee camp in Greece.

The experiences and academic knowledge that Konstantinos has gained from his time at Johns Hopkins SAIS have broadened his horizons and contributed to his personal development. After graduating, Konstantinos hopes to combine his communication skills with his knowledge of the refugee crisis and the experiences he has had as a local coming from an island that has directly suffered from this crisis.