Enriching Opportunities Across the Globe

Alexiaa Jordan
MA ’19
First Year: SAIS Europe

When Alexiaa was researching graduate programs focused on international relations, she was drawn to SAIS Europe, which she believed would offer a unique cultural immersion and deeper understanding of Europe’s political economy and current affairs.

After beginning her studies at the school, she knew she had made the right decision. Not only did the campus in Bologna, Italy provided a wealth of culture, but Alexiaa made invaluable connections with classmates from a variety of backgrounds who provide diverse perspectives on today’s global challenges.

Outside of the classroom, Alexiaa has had the opportunity to participate in several study trips. She joined the Strategic Studies program staff-ride to Montecassino, Italy to study the Italian campaign during WWII and another one of the program’s staff rides to examine the Seven Days’ Battles that took place near Richmond, Virginia during the American Civil War. During this trip, Alexiaa and her classmates visited and studied plantations, the institution of slavery, and the military strategies that determined key outcomes of the conflict. As an African-American, she appreciated that the activity examined the societal impacts of the antebellum South as well as the tactical decision-making on the battle field. Alexiaa also had the opportunity last month to travel to the Middle East for the first time for the school’s annual Israel trek to study the country’s geopolitics, innovations and culture.

After graduating, Alexiaa hopes to work in the private sector for a defense-related firm.