A Unique Degree Option to Gain a Competitive Edge

Erik Bostrom
BA/MA ’20
Strategic Studies

Erik chose to pursue the Johns Hopkins BA/MA program as an excellent and unique opportunity for international studies majors to complete two degrees in five years, which is hard to come by. He was also strongly drawn to Johns Hopkins SAIS’ curriculum that entails an economics component and emphasizes putting theory into practice.

Gaining a head start on a master’s degree has been incredibly valuable, allowing Erik to take courses in areas that were not otherwise offered during his undergraduate studies. He also feels that having a master’s degree will lead to many more career options.

Like his undergraduate experience, Erik continues to be impressed with the diverse backgrounds of the students at Johns Hopkins, which has made his graduate school experience very enjoyable. He appreciates that the students come from a wide range of backgrounds in terms of careers, age, and geography. He also really appreciates the insights and various perspectives from students during class discussions, which have enhanced his learning experience. Erik believes that one of the best parts about the student body is the opportunity to learn from one another both inside and outside the classroom, as he has formed close friendships with many classmates. In addition, the fact that many professors are practitioners in their respective fields makes an engaging learning environment where theory can be quickly put into everyday situations and discussed by everyone.

Erik is confident that his degree will open many doors after graduation, particularly since his graduate studies have allowed him to specialize in a concentration while also developing a strong foundation in international economics. After he graduates, he hopes to work abroad with an organization or company that requires a strong understanding of markets and international affairs.