On the Fast Track to a Future Career in International Affairs

Jake Morris
Strategic Studies
BA/MA ’20

Since high school, Jake has known that he wanted to pursue a career in international affairs. To achieve this goal, he believed a masters degree would be incredibly advantageous, especially at the beginning of his career. Jake could not pass up the opportunity to shorten his undergraduate studies by one year and attend one of the world’s top graduate schools for international studies. Furthermore, he knew that Johns Hopkins SAIS would provide him with new challenges, something he was seeking after finishing two majors, International Studies and East Asian Studies, and a minor in Environmental Studies in three years during his undergrad at Johns Hopkins.

Furthermore, not only has getting a head start on his master’s degree allowed him to focus his career interests within international affairs, it has also given him an incredible opportunity to network with fellow students bringing a wide variety of professional experiences. In fact, one of the best parts of his graduate school experience so far has been meeting new colleagues who challenge and expand his interests. Every classmate he has met has been energetic about their studies and more than happy to share advice with students like him who have not yet entered the workforce.

Outside of the classroom, Jake participated in the Strategic Studies fall Staff Ride to examine the Seven Days’ Battles that took place near Richmond, Virginia during the American Civil War. He is planning to join the International Staff Ride to France over spring break to study World War I military history. He is especially looking forward to this opportunity to become better acquainted with professors and other Strategic Studies concentrators.

After graduating, Jake hopes to become a Foreign Service Officer. He believes his graduate degree will make him a competitive candidate and his classes will provide him with the knowledge he will need to pass the Foreign Service Exam. He is also exploring career options in US national security or foreign policy in the Indo-Pacific, in which he can apply the expertise he gains through his concentration in Strategic Studies and minor in China Studies.