Enriching Opportunities at SAIS Europe

Khamal Clayton
MA ’19
International Development
First Year: SAIS Europe

Home Country: Jamaica

Khamal decided to apply to Johns Hopkins SAIS because it would offer him the opportunity to study both at SAIS Europe in Bologna, Italy and in Washington DC – the center of US policy-making. He believed that this transatlantic experience, with a truly global student and faculty body, would promise to be an unforgettable and enriching experience.

During his first year at SAIS Europe, Khamal took advantage of the many exciting opportunities outside the classroom available to students studying in the heart of Italy. For example, he served as the President of SAIS Europe’s Bologna Culinary society, where he helped organize regular cooking classes; he traveled to Berlin for a study trip; and he participated in a day-long course in Switzerland on family offices and investment. But, his most memorable experiences involved his interactions with the school’s alumni, where he had the chance to meet with some of them during a career trek to Vienna, Austria and again during the Vienna Ball – a long-standing school tradition for both students and alumni based in Vienna. Khamal believes that it is the strong alumni connections that continues to sustain the school and attract many students looking for a supportive academic community.

Post-graduation, Khamal hopes to pursue a career focused on research and analysis at the IMF or the World Bank in Washington, DC.