A Flexible Degree for Mid-Level Professionals

Adeola Akinremi
Master of International Public Policy ’19
Home Country: Nigeria

When Adeola was researching graduate schools, he wanted a program that could integrate his skills in policy analysis, communications, advocacy and diplomacy, and Johns Hopkins SAIS offered exactly what he needed to fill the gap.

Prior to attending the school, Adeola was an award-winning journalist on politics, terrorism, health, foreign affairs, and international development. He covered the US midterm elections and presidential elections and previously reported on Africa. He also worked with international nonprofits and multilateral organizations to deliver health programs in Africa.

According to Adeola, the MIPP program provided an invaluable opportunity to learn new skills and the chance to network with students from across the globe as peers with similar experience. Furthermore, he was particularly excited about the flexibility of the curriculum and the option to take classes that spanned across economics, human rights, and politics.

As a recent graduate, Adeola is ready to utilize the knowledge he acquired at the school in a career focused on policy and advocacy.