Gaining a Head Start with a Global Education

George Goodfriend
BA/MA ’20
Energy, Resources and Environment
First Year: SAIS Europe

George decided to apply to the Johns Hopkins BA/MA program to build deep knowledge of international relations. The opportunity to learn at Johns Hopkins SAIS from some of the most distinguished professors and practitioners in the international relations sphere was one he could not pass up, even if it meant sacrificing his last undergraduate year. He was eager to quickly surround himself with accomplished, diverse classmates to learn from and collaborate with.

George found the school held two key advantages over other international relations graduate programs: Its emphasis on international economics ensures graduates have a rich knowledge of this highly in demand skill set. Additionally, George was drawn to the school’s European presence with its campus in Bologna, Italy. The city’s historic yet vibrant atmosphere as well as its physical proximity to politically significant European cities would enable him to learn about foreign relations from a different vantage point. Although he has no prior experience studying overseas, he has been able to seamlessly integrate himself into his new environment. The highlight of his semester so far has been the interesting conversations he has had with his new Italian friends over delicious meals.

When it comes to looking toward his future, George believes that his education will provide him with a deeper and wider global perspective, enabling him to stand out among his workplace peers. In the spring semester, George hopes to participate in the school’s career trek to London to visit some of the non-governmental organizations and think tanks sprawled across the city. His firsthand experience with these organizations will allow him to gain a better understanding of his potential career interests.