Gaining Further Expertise in Sino-American Relations

Yingdong Xu
International Relations/Global Theory
MA ’19

First Year: SAIS Europe

Yingdong’s application to Johns Hopkins SAIS was inspired by his experience in conducting undergraduate research through a variety of academic works by Owen Lattimore, who served as one of the founders of the Johns Hopkins SAIS China Studies Department and its director during the 1960s. Through Lattimore’s wisdom, Yingdong’s knowledge of Chinese history was deeply broadened. This motivated him to apply to the school, where he believed he could integrate his knowledge of history of the pressing challenges and their sources in the contemporary diplomacy epitomized by Sino-American relations.

One of the most rewarding experiences Yingdon had at the school was working as a research assistant as a student at SAIS Europe. In this role, he examined the history of China’s presence in the South China Sea since the 18th century and the origin of contemporary South China Sea disputes. Yingdong is currently working on a paper with a China Studies professor at the Washington, DC campus, which focuses on the prospect of the Chinese Artificial Intelligence industry and the nature of its developing model. The paper is scheduled to be published by the end of 2019.

After graduating, Yingdong would either like to work for a think tank or pursue a doctoral degree related to the study of foreign policy.